who we are

For more than 45 years Peace Lutheran has been serving the community of Loves Park and the greater Rockford area by sharing the message of Jesus Christ and offering quality Christian education.

The strength of our church lies in the Word of God, which speaks to our hearts and lives. Our church's beauty is found in the message it proclaims - that of our Savior's pardoning love, which has made us members together in the family of God.

We believe that it is by GRACE ALONE that sinful human beings (and that includes all of us) have the forgiveness of sins, peace with God, and eternal life, instead of guilt, fear, and condemnation. Grace is God's "undeserved love."

We believe that it is by FAITH ALONE that this absolutely free gift is received to us. Faith is simply a personal trust that God has done all this by the death and resurrection of his only Son, Jesus Christ.

We believe that it is SCRIPTURE ALONE that is the absolute source of truth, an unerring guide to be believed above human reason, experience, or tradition. By "Scriptures" we mean the Bible, the divinely inspired Word of God.

We believe that salvation is God's free gift to all who, by the working of the Holy Spirit, believe in Jesus Chris as God's Son and their personal Savior from sin. This assurance of salvation through faith in Jesus fills us with peace - peace of mind, peace of conscience, and the certainty of peace with God...now and forever!

In August of 2009 our congregation built and moved to a new and larger worship and ministry center from which we continue, with God's help, to freely share the good news about Jesus the Savior.